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Escape to the Magical Le Pereyrol Estate, Cevennes, Southern France

Le Pereyrol Estate

Escape to the heart of Cevennes, southern France for a mini-retreat to restore, refresh the spirit at the newly opened Le Pereyrol Estate. As though a magical veil is lifted – the proprietors Angelique and Dominique of Le Pereyrol Estate invite quests to experience the tranquility of the region, gourmet meals, restorative luxury spa services and nearby nature trails, castles and enchanting legends.

Le Pereyrol Estate is a restored 16th century mansion set among orchards of apple, pear and chestnuts. The traditional stone slate walls are warmed by the blend of Cevennes style and contemporary designs, a library filled to the ceiling and a dining space to gather and exchange ideas and thoughts. Gourmet meals complement the days inspired by Angelique and Dominique’s world travels -a mix of Thai and French cuisine while highlighting local delicacies of mushrooms, cheeses and wines. Luxury spa services as well as workshops are available from yoga to massage – or change the tempo and enjoy a Brazilian dance class.

Explore the area, go hiking, biking or swimming. For the more dedicated, hike the Robert Louis Stevenson trail made famous by his book Travels with a Donkey in Cevennes. Visit the castles – or volunteer your expertise to the restoration of Chateau de Portes. Enter the world of mysterious tales of fairies at the Grotte des Demoiselles.

Angelique and Domique  combine a rare passion for adventure, nature and self-development both in areas of fitness, yoga and self-awareness and knowledge.  Angelique is a fine artist who captures the light and magic of what and who she observes around her from their life in Paris, India, Australia and Thailand. Domique is a prominent health and fitness advisor who has dedicated his time in the research of Indian philosphy, especially Krishnamurti and Sri Aurobindo and has written several books in the hope of helping awawkening others.

Le Pereyrol Estate is 3-4 hours from Paris by train and then requiring either renting a 4-wheel drive vehicle or scheduling in advance a pick-up to go directly to the estate.

Enjoy the unique setting of a UNESCO World Heritage protected area while refreshing your spirit at Le Pereyrol Estate. Send a postcard!

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographers, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)


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