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Earth Aid – New Trend

Anna and Neal's Farm by Keri DouglasSuccess happens when all opposing sectors join for a common goal.

Earth Aid educates, rewards, monitors and reminds consumers of new trends in energy efficiency.  Partnering with government energy offices and local businesses, Earth Aid offers tips on ways to save electricity, conserve water, save gas and the overall environmental benefit of being energy efficient. In addition, local diverse businesses have joined Earth Aid to offer discounts for members who are successful in lowering their energy use.

All the while, Earth Aid reminds consumers with concrete ways to conserve energy.  Of course, the obvious tips include replacing incandescent light bulb with a CFL bulb*; adding dryer balls; or installing efficient shower heads.  Earth Aid recommends doing laundry at night to minimize demand during peak hours as well as energy savings.  They also recommend using large water barrels to collect rain water to water the garden and plants.

For those in urban areas with semi flat roofs, the suggestion is to install reflective roofing materials or paint the roof a light color.  Earth Aid reminds homeowners to install a solar PV array and earn money from extra energy generated.

Earth Aid is easy to use and easy to sign up.  Go to for more information. Members will be asked to connect to the local power company, water and gas company.  Once a member, Earth Aid will monitor each member’s energy consumption.  The goal is that with energy efficiency tips, members will conserve resources as well as save money.  As a reward, local businesses offer the discounts for their services to the degree of energy saved by the member.

Innovation and new trends come from collaboration.  Earth Aid is setting a new trend in allowing members to take individual responsibility for their energy consumption and savings.  Investigate, research and enjoy the rewards.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC

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