Jane’s Corner

Innovation and change in society happens when someone takes a risk to form a new system with more compassion.

I met Jane many years ago through filmmaker Miles Roston as she was fighting HIV, choosing between medicine and food. Despite the pressures, she continued to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and continued to live with an amazing grace. I have always admired her courage and generosity.

Jane’s Corner features those who are making a difference. Please support in any way that you can, a share through one of the multitude of social media platforms, a ‘like’ on Facebook or directly with funding. Every effort given – makes a difference.

The Galleria (Kabul, Afghanistan) founded by Rameen Javid to present local artists and artisans and connect their work to the global market. This is an especially important project for women artisans who may not have the opportunity to work outside of the home.

Lalela Project, provides educational arts to youth affected by extreme poverty sparking creative thinking and awakening the entrepreneurial spirit (South Africa)

Gaea, a global award winning Mediterranean Greek fine cuisine company, through Re-InspireGreece, is investing in young Greek entrepreneurs.

uTales, a global children’s ebook publishing company that pays authors and donates a portion of profits to charity.

Samantha Van Wicklin is a young super star! She is raising money for cancer research through Ride for Rosewell. Pay attention to her, she is a role model for all of us – at any age.

Chasing Portraits: The Rynecki Family Documentary Film Project. “In 1939, when the Nazis invaded Poland, Moshe Rynecki realized that his paintings and sculptures were at risk of being destroyed.” Perishing in a concentration camp, the Rynecki art collection almost disappeared. Until, over 70s years later, the great granddaughter takes up the search. Watch the trailer here.

Unique Gifts with a Purpose

Jewish Life in Poland: the Art of Moshe Rynecki  A beautiful book collection of illustrations. Rynecki’s use of light is reminiscent of the Renaissance or even El Greco. He illuminates a window into intimate moments of private lives, a wedding, the birth of a baby and a timeless moment of older men sitting together on a park bench reading a newspaper. An appreciator of art, culture, history would appreciate this book of a rare never before seen collection of illustrations.



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