Escape to the Magical Le Pereyrol Estate, Cevennes, Southern France
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Escape to the Magical Le Pereyrol Estate, Cevennes, Southern France

Escape to the heart of Cevennes, southern France for a mini-retreat to restore, refresh the spirit at the newly opened Le Pereyrol Estate. As though a magical veil is lifted – the proprietors Angelique and Dominique of Le Pereyrol Estate invite quests to experience the tranquility, gourmet meals, luxury spa services and nature trails, castles and enchanting legends. Continue reading

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Green Thinking – Outside of the Box? Local First

Why is it ‘news’ when someone applies the rules of nature to architecture, climate change, or even national energy policies? Common sense is returning. Recently The Economist profiled the new U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu in the July 2, 2009 issue (see earlier post). Secretary Chu being a Nobel Prize winner in physics is a … Continue reading

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Embrace Part II

Cairo is filled with unexpected surprises, especially the Cairo Egyptian Museum, which features centuries old stone carvings; plenty of coffins; dead bodies; and, organs in special vessels. Entering the museum reminds me vaguely of walking into the Louvre in Paris.  Crowds of people and tour guides buzzing.  More objects than one can possibly take in and history beyond human comprehension. Immediately in … Continue reading