Special contributors to 9 Muses News include:

Adam Blitz, International Editor and Contributor on Syria, Cultural Heritage and Faith issues, is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London and a former Fulbright scholar.  Follow Adam at @blitz_adam on Twitter.

Nikolas Chatziandreou, International Editor on Cultural Heritage issues, is the founder of AcropolisofAthens.Gr, a cultural heritage and preservation expert, writes and educates on the Acropolis. Chatziandreou is also the founder of Aeuthousa, a platform connecting scientists to share and exchange research. Follow Nikolas at @nchatziandreou on Twitter.

Annina Luck Wildermuth, Editor and Advisor, children’s book author and illustrator, Long Island, New York. With brilliant colors and magical characters, she weaves in the classics from mythology to opera into her books. Read more at All My Characters Follow Annina at @AnninaLuck on Twitter.