Greek Dinner Around the World January 15th

The Acropolis at Night  Photo by Nikolaos Chatziandreou,

The Acropolis at Night.
Photo by Nikolaos Chatziandreou,

Imagine a special dinner with all of your friends from around the world.

With a few Tweets, an idea and then a ‘yes’, why not? We don’t need to be in the same city to have a dinner party.

Everyone is invited on January 15th for a Greek dinner with friends, family and even some new friends. Partners to this initiative will host a dinner – one person, two persons or more; use Greek products to create Greek dishes; share a photo or two of their endeavor; share a recipe; Tweet their experience or favorites and then RT (reTweet) others who are sharing their dinner party under the #GreekDinner and #EatGreek.

The goal is to celebrate Greek cuisine and promote amazing people, authors, chefs, businesses who are connected to Greece.

Why? Well, why not? Who doesn’t love authentic Greek olives, olive oil, real feta, yogurt, honey, oregano and healthy cuisine.

Personally, when our family lived in Greece after being evacuated from Beirut, the Sunday afternoon dinner at the neighborhood taverna was the highlight of the week. The music played was always joyous. The big wooden bowl filled with yogurt, walnuts and honey dribbled on the top at the end of dinner was the treat. There was a magic around the table at the taverna.

So, January 15th Greek Dinner Around the World is to honor your Greek heritage, culture and connection to Greece.

If you want to organize a gathering, post a comment below and join the fun! I’ll list as many people as I can. Just submit your name, city, if dinner is in a public place, add the restaurant name and link to the restaurant and any other important details.

Be prepared to share as much as possible on Greek books, authors, products and customs in the comment space below, on Twitter or on Facebook.

To make it easy to RT others who are on Twitter, I created a #GreekDinnerTwitterList (@9musesnew/GreekDinner). Subscribe, follow & RT what others are sharing on their #GreekDinner.

On Facebook? Post a photo, share a story, like and share others – here Greek Dinner Around the World.

Instagram fan? Share your photos with #GreekDinner. Here is my Instagram page, I’ll follow back.

If you love Pinterst – I created a board for #GreekDinner Around the World. Post, follow, share to your hearts delight!


By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC (Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Please use quotes & links to article content. Please do not copy text and paste content into your article.)

The Greek Dinner Around the World on Jan. 15th in photos.

Incredible to see all of us on a map! Thanks, Nikos Chatziandreou!

Map of all #GreekDinner Around the World Partners

Map of all #GreekDinner Around the World Partners

Cities participating and partners willing to host dinners in their home or city are as follows: (this list will be updated).

January 15th Greek Dinner Around the World

#GreekDinner and #EatGreek

Participating Cities:
Sydney, Australia at Diethnes Restaurant 
Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Athens, Greece 
Gylfada, Athens, Greece 
Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece
Peloponnese, Greece  
Nafplio, Greece 
Maleas, Greece 
Chania, Crete, Greece 
Southern Crete, Greece (birthplace of Zeus) 
Evia island, Greece
Corfu, Greece 
Bellinzona, Switzerland 
Luxemburg City, Luxembourg at Ambrosia Restaurant Grec 
Duesseldorf, Germany 
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Brussels, Belgium at Koyzina Authentica Avenue Brugmann 519, 1180 Uccle
Nice, France
Wimbledon, UK
London, England 
Derbyshire, England 
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, (Shakespeare's county)
Leeds, UK 
Stirling, Scotland at Mediterranea Restaurant 
Central Scotland 
Edinburgh, Scotland
Toronto, Canada 
Chicago, Illinois, US 
Boston, Massachusetts, US 
New York New York, US 
Huntington, Long Island, New York, US 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US 
Washington, DC at Veranda on P "Mama's Table" RSVP to Alex 
Rockville, Maryland, Mykonos Grill restaurant with guest Greek Chef Yiannis Baxevanis Vienna, Virginia, 
Silver Spring, Maryland, US
Nostos Restaurant (the following week with Greek Chef Yiannis Baxevanis) 
Williamsburg, Virginia, US
Virginia Beach, Virginia, US at Yanni's Casual Greek restaurant 
Columbus, Ohio, US 
Fairhope, Alabama, US 
Dallas, Texas, US 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, US 
San Diego, California, US 
Los Angels, California, US 
Sacramento, California, US 
San Francisco, California, US 
Portland, Oregon, US  

Mary Papoulias-Platis, chef & cuisine, California Greek Girl  @CalGreekGirl 
Keri Douglas, 9 Muses News @keridouglas 
Aleks, owner, Veranda on P restaurant 
Marjory McGinn, author, Big Fat Greek Odyssey @fatgreekodyssey 
Marlen Taffarello, travel PR, @MTravelsPR 
Nikolaos Chatziandreou, scientist/cultural heritage, @nchatziandreo 
Dimos and Vicky Chatziandreou @VickyChatziandr 
Russell Darnley, professor, @maximos62 
Rene' Tritaris, owner, 
Dionysis Tritaris, owner, @DionysiTritaris 
Terry Douglas, author of Ganymede: A Tale of Middle Eastern Intrigue 
Chef Jule, The Frenchman's Corner of Fairhope 
Peter Minakis, author & Greek supper club host, @kalofagas 
Katie Aliferis, poet, @KatieA_SF 
Niko and Oana, The Mediterranean Way Gourmet Market, Dupont Circle, Washington,DC @TheMediWay 
Global Greek World, everything Greek news, @GGWorld 
Buy Greek campaign, @BuyGreek 
Maria Dimitrakarakou, @dimitrakarakou
RideScoutDC, @RideScoutDC 
Anne Zouroudi, author, Greek detective novels, @annezouroudi 
Kiki Vagianos, The Greek Vegan, @TheGreekVegan 
Food, Culture & Travel blogger, Banana Wonder, @BananaWonder 
Alex Pattakos, The OPA Way, @TheOPAWay 
Cornelia Gracchi, @corneliagracchi 
Eumelia Organic Farm, @eumeliafarm 
Diana Moutsopoulos, All Recipes, @dmoutsop 
Greek American Girl, @GreekAmGirl 
Elizabeth Rynecki, Moshe Rynecki Art Search @erynecki 
Cinnamon Stephens, Art Law Firm, @Artantiq 
Annina and Daniel Wildermuth, children's book author & illustrator 
Good Greek Housewife, @GreekHousewife 
Kenton and Jane, Lemon and Olives, @lemonandolives 
Gaea Products, Greece 
Katina Vaselopulos, @KVaselopulos 
Sophia Dimitriadou, KOYZINA Authentica, Brussels, Belgium 
Effie Delimarkos, @EffieDelimarkos 
TasteGreece, speciality store, Duesseldorf, Germany 
Dourakis Winery, Crete, Greece, @dourakiswinery 
Krystina Kalapothakos,Kouzounas Kitchen, @KouzounasKitche 
Barb McGarvey, @vey952 
Mesto Artisan Olive Oil, @Mestooliveoil 
Smaragda Touloupa, YourGuideInGreece, @smarot 
Stayla Farm Honey, Evia, Greece, @stayiafarm 
Mariana Kavroulaki, History of Greek Food, @histofgreekfood 
Amit Bajaj with Sheba and Kam in Boston 
Hugh O'Donnell, @odonnellhugh 
Therese Sellers, author of Alpha is for Anthropos, @qerese 
Hellenic student association, University of Pennsylvania, @thegreekglutton 
Greek family owners, Nostos and Mykonos Grill 
Yanni Tsapos, wine expert, Dionysis Imports 
Souvlaki The Greek, London, England, @EatSouvlakiUK 
Sia Aristidou, Greek Weddings & Traditions & Greek Wedding Shop, @SiaAristidou 
Yorgos Koropoulis, Maleas Olive Oil, @MaleasOliveOi 
Heidi Skapentzis and Dimitris Paivanas, Babel Language Center Athens
Ekaterina Botziou, author, Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing, @ebotziou
Marios Bothos & Sophia Tsakiroglou-Bothou, Apollo Museum, Ancient Greek Games, @AncientGRGames  
Loukia Von Zlr Betriebsimperium, Myths Greek Jewelry Exhibit, Berlin 2013/Hamburg 2014
Alexia Warner, Flavor Teaze, @FlavorTeaze & @AlexiaWarner1
Mythical Peloponnese, timeless travel, @mythpeloponnese 
Lorna Paschakis, @LornaPaschakis
SouEllen Latridi and friends
Heather Skinner and friends
Maddie Grigg and friends @maddiegrigg
George Mavropoulos, The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center
Tsantali Wines, @TSANTALI_wines 
Diana Brown, 5MinutesMorePlease, and friends
Maria Verivaki and family, Organically Cooked 
*Philhellene Provincial Greek Cuisine, Melbourne* Kids (3-12) meals will be covered by owners
John Kyriazoglou and family, Ancient Greek Pearls of Wisdom, @jkyriazoglou
Katerina Georgallas, Baklava Couture, @BaklavaCouture  
GrecoTaste, shop GrecoTaste, @Grecotaste
Diana Carey and friends
Stella Pierides, author, Feeding the Doves, @stellapierides
Nine Live Greece, volunteer cat rescue in Athens, @NineLivesGreece 
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, Crete on Facebook  
Julie Kussidi and friends
Elizabeth Gabay and friends
Tresor Hotels, Athens, Greece
Tim Schadla-Hall, Professor of Public Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London

From Maria Dimitrakarakou, I’m Hungry – Tzatziki

Do you have a favorite recipe or dish? Here are a few from around the world.

From Alex Pattakos, The OPA Way – @TheOPAWay – a little music, extraordinary talent and sharing culture

Music, a visceral connection to memories and a moment in time. In a small two-bedroom apartment in Kiffisia, sheltering our homeless rootless family with two cats recently evacuated from Beirut, my mother would love to listen to Nana Mouskouri. So, in honor of my mother, I share this video of Nana Mouskouri singing The White Rose of Athens.

Lots of authors are in our midst!

Who would you like to sit next to at dinner?

So many favorite Greek products are available around the world. Here are a few mentioned by partners of the Greek Dinner.

Do you have any favorite products or gourmet markets?

Check out #GreekDinner partner Diana Moutsopoulos @dmoutsop making Greek Orange Filo Cake

For US measurements to Diana’s award winning recipe, read more here from KCET 

A beautiful song to start our dinner from Therese Sellers from her new book Alpha is for Anthropos. Thank you, dear Therese! (and to your son, too!)

By Keri Douglas, writer, photographer, Washington, DC (Copyright protected, all rights reserved. Please contact for permission to use & abide by 9 Muses News use policy.)


55 thoughts on “Greek Dinner Around the World January 15th

  1. I’d love to organize a dinner with fellow Greek foodies in Los Angeles. Connect with me on Twitter and let’s do a potluck! @dmoutsop

  2. We will be happy to host this event in our restaurant KOYZINA Authentica in Brussels, Belgium. Best Regards , Sofia Dimitriadou

  3. The κοκκινιστό–meat stew–looks fantastic. I wonder if Vicky Chatziandreou would be willing to divulge her recipe, or, if it’s a family secret, give a rough list of ingredients. I would love to prepare this dish.

  4. Hi! I will be participating in Philadelphia with members of the PennHellenic, the Hellenic student association at the University of Pennsylvania! We still need to organize ourselves so please tweet me at @thegreekglutton if you’re Greek and in the Philly area!

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  6. I happen to LIVE in a Greek restaurant (in Wimbledon, UK – belongs to my in-laws…long story…in fact I even wrote it all down in a book: ‘Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing’ – available from Amazon or my blog) – I will be sure to tweet some pics of my souvlakia on the day! Unfortunately will be too busy smashing plates to host anything but will share via twitter! @ebotziou

  7. A home party is super! If you want to be listed – send me your name, city & if you have any social media @. Will be happy to list you. Great recipes are being shared via Twitter .. Enjoy!

  8. Keri, Can the dinner be just for one guest? I have a good friend with a lot going on in her life right now and I’d love to surprise her with a homemade Greek dinner. We’ve been unable to connect for more than a few minutes at a time over the last month or so and a dinner of adult conversation, stress free dining, no kids, no pets, no employees, just good Greek food and classic Greek music would, I think, be just the pick me up she needs. Not sure if this would qualify as a Greek Dinner Around the World event though.

  9. Kiki,
    oh,yes! This is the true spirit of sharing a meal – one with friendship, heart, compassion and, I am sure, a few laughs to help add a little light to the soul. I am so touched by your message. Please let me know city, names, Twitter @ etc. & I would be so happy to add you to list of amazing people. Big hug, you are an amazing friend and very special. xx

  10. I’m so glad!! I can’t wait to invite her and thanks so very much for giving us this wonderful excuse to make time for a special evening – ps, I’m already on the list 🙂 Kiki@thegreekvegan

  11. This is the most wonderful story! If you want something special added to the article – let me know. Friends photo or …(Yes – made the connection after…Love your recipes & photos! Thanks for being so special!)

  12. I’ll be hosting a dinner in my home Keri in San Diego with my co-author, Laura Bashar. We will starting out with a Greek olive oil tasting bar for appetizers from our new book!
    Ending with many Greek desserts! OPA!

  13. I have recently moved to Corfu. I will be inviting friends round for baked feta and tzatziki for starters, followed by bianco and also king prawn bourdheto served with a side of lemon potatoes, with galaktoboureko for dessert

  14. The first time I set foot on the beautiful island of Corfu was in 1973. I spent long periods of time living there during my many visits. I fell in LOVE with Corfu and especially Sidari which was a small quiet village at the time. I made some wonderful friends which I keep in touch with to this day. Though I’m from Santa Monica, California I now live in Budapest, Hungary. Is there anyone involved with this wonderful idea here? Because of my schedule it’s too late to make a dinner, but I would be very happy to meet at the Greek Restaurant Taverna Dionysos on Belgrad rakpart 16. Any chance there are some folks that would like to join?

  15. The first time I set foot on the island of Corfu was in the Spring of 1973 and it was LOVE at first sight. Especially the town of Sidari where I lived, which was a very quiet village at that time. I spent long periods of time living there in the 1970s and 1980s as well as visits more recently. I of course made a number of very close friends which I am in touch with still to this day. I am from Santa Monica, California but presently live in Budapest, Hungary. Unfortunately my schedule makes it too late for me to prepare a dinner, but I would be so very happy if there were any folks that would like to meet at my favorite Greek restaurant Taverna Dionysus here in Budapest to celebrate. Please let me know if you’re out there.

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  18. I would love to be join in on the fun, Melbourne, Australia is in for a mini heat wave this week so it might have to be an assortment of μεζέδες for starters and maybe something λαδερω for the main meal.

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  20. Hi Keri, one can reach me only via the website and the 15Th is only a few days away, but still if any folks in Budapest are interested get in touch asap. Thanks again Keri and what a wonderful idea. May everyone have a fantastic time.

  21. Hi Keri, I can only be reached via the website, It’s only a few more days before the event so if anyone is interested here in Budapest please get in touch asap. Thanks again Keri. What a wonderful idea. May everyone have a fantastic time, Yasou

  22. @maddiegrigg will be hosting and tweeting a meze evening – friends have been asked to bring Greek food to share – in Broadwindsor, Dorset, England. And maybe a singalonga Mamma Mia session afterwards just because we want to…

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  25. Thank you so much for not only inviting Jane and I to be a part of this wonderful event, but also putting it on. We should make this a yearly thing! National Greek Dinner Day 🙂

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  27. Everyday the last 81 years we celebrate Greekdinner, in our “Underground Taverna” located in the center of Athens next to Kallimarmaro Stadium. We will be happy to take part in this bright idea!

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