Meet John Dough, Superhero by Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers
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Meet John Dough, Superhero by Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers

  Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers brilliantly introduces her politically savvy and witty Meet John Dough, Super Hero, A Political Fantasy novelette during a year of unrecognizable political drama in the United States. Everyone is searching for a hero.  A wish for a hero to miraculously appear and transform a tumultuous year exposing deep racism, intolerance, elitism, … Continue reading

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Returnism: A Modern Day Tale of Greed, Art, Monuments and Justice (Part 1)

Delicious irony when Greek mythology filled with gods for love, wine and harvest is trumped by Biblical parables on theft, sibling rivalry and coveting someone else’s property. Only the absurd can be told in an imaginary tale of a king, his sons and their choices in art. Continue reading

Helen Thomas, “Listen Up, Mr. President”
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Helen Thomas, “Listen Up, Mr. President”

Helen Thomas, new book, advice for the President.

Helen Thomas, a remarkable woman, continues to inspire, motivate and ask the tough questions. Being the longest serving reporter at the White House, she even has the distinction of having her own seating assignment in the center seat of the front row of the White House Press Briefing Room. Alongside her are NBC, AP, CBS, ABC, Reuters and CNN. Continue reading

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Health Care – Fresh and Honest: A Letter from Carla and Barbara of Politics and Prose

This morning I received an e-mail from Politics and Prose a very popular bookstore in Washington, DC. It is owned by two women who have created a successful business model in a fragile world of book selling. In their event publicity e-mail they included this letter on the current national discussion on health care. It … Continue reading