Escape to the Magical Le Pereyrol Estate, Cevennes, Southern France
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Escape to the Magical Le Pereyrol Estate, Cevennes, Southern France

Escape to the heart of Cevennes, southern France for a mini-retreat to restore, refresh the spirit at the newly opened Le Pereyrol Estate. As though a magical veil is lifted – the proprietors Angelique and Dominique of Le Pereyrol Estate invite quests to experience the tranquility, gourmet meals, luxury spa services and nature trails, castles and enchanting legends. Continue reading

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… Alzheimer’s?!

Women are hardest hit by Alzheimer’s.  In fact, women account for more than 45,000 deaths each year from Alzheimer’s complications.  Add into the equation the impact on the family since women traditionally are the caregivers for children, parents and spouses.  Alzheimer’s ravages entire families. Alzheimer’s is a bit mysterious with no clear understanding of what causes the disease. … Continue reading

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Bapuji Wisdom – Listen to Yourself

Bapuji, a gentle 86 year old yogi, sat peacefully on a folded chair sharing life’s lessons with twenty yoga students. With respect each student leaned forward not wanting to miss a word.  But, Bapuji said loudly and clearly, “Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself.” With shocking honesty – Bapuji reminded everyone that they each … Continue reading