I SEA Rescue App Launched by MOAS
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I SEA Rescue App Launched by MOAS

Innovation. Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) is leading humanitarian efforts globally with their no nonsense approach to search and rescue of the thousands of people either fleeing war, conflicts or economic hardships across the Mediterranean Sea. Now, MOAS, in conjunction with Grey for Good, are launching the I SEA app for the iPhone to crowdsource … Continue reading


MOAS Saves Lives at World’s Most Dangerous Border Crossing – the Sea
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MOAS Saves Lives at World’s Most Dangerous Border Crossing – the Sea

“There but for the grace of God, go I.” The world is witnessing the largest displacement of people escaping unconscionable atrocities, wars, conflicts, genocides, religious persecution, and hunger. In the Mediterranean area alone millions are displaced due to the Syrian conflict. Who would dare risk their own lives let alone the lives of their children … Continue reading

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Modest: Women in the Muslim World – Photos by Alexandra Boulat

Words and voice of Alexandra Boulat photographing war.

“even my eyes are tired of the Palestinian drama sometimes. And, that is why I get caught by the details. Conflict and pain has become ordinary. Look at the ordinary – life without electricity … an empty frig….” Continue reading

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Muhammed Yunus Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Washington, D.C. Today, Professor Muhammed Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh and Grameen Foundation is honored by President Barack Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom alongside fifteen other individuals being honored for their work as “agents of change.” Speaking at the National Press Club, Dr. Yunus, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in … Continue reading

Walls Between People
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Walls Between People

“Walls Between People” is a new exhibit at the Museum of the International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent in Geneva, Switzerland from September 2008 to January 2009.  The exhibit is based on the book by Alexandra Novosseloff and Frank Neisse and artistically presented by Robert Ireland. Using military maps, the exhibit illustrates eight … Continue reading