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Greece: Mini-Learning Vacations for Cultural Heritage Professionals


Interested in escaping your routine for a unique authentic learning vacation in a small Greek village surrounded by olive trees, history and culture?

Cultural heritage professionals are gathering to learn best practices, techniques and share expertise at the DIADRASIS seminar in Gatzea, Pellon, Greece – approximately four – five hours outside of Athens along the coastline – at the Olive Musuem  for a long weekend in August and again for a week long session in September.

This is a wonderful opportunity to literally be in a case study to observe, analyze, propose strategies to best develop and grow a small museum that serves as a template for many other small, yet vital, cultural heritage centers around the world.

As Laura Tapini of DIADRASIS says,

“the Gatzea I seminar, the lecturers will be both from the field of heritage,  art historians, archaeologists specialized in public awareness and from the pure commercial background of advertising. Of course we will have continuous interaction with the owners and managers of the Museum who will address our research based on their real needs.”

In addition to best practices offered to the owners of the museum, Tapinis also hopes the exchange will ask

“how sustainable can such an initiative be? And what simple tools we can use to improve its visibility and impact? Of course the outcomes of the seminar will be offered to the museum so for them and us to have the possibility to see if our ideas in action can bring the change.”

There are a limited number of spaces available in both seminars.

The two upcoming DIADRASIS seminars are:

DIADRASIS is a small non-profit founded on the principals of sharing and exchanging expertise among cultural heritage protection issues based in Athens and has delegation partners in Granada, Spain; London, England; and, Rome, Italy. They are offering a rather unique little vacation learning experience to explore cultural heritage issues as well as learning about the history, culture and agricultural business of the olive groves.

Perhaps it is time to explore and experience an authentic village in Greece in the true sense of preservation and protection of cultural heritage.


By Keri Douglas, writer/photographers, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)
See more information on DIADRASIS on their web site:

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