ThingLink: Innovation at Its Best – Creative, Engaging and Global
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ThingLink: Innovation at Its Best – Creative, Engaging and Global

Innovators, risk what is accepted for what is possible, with no boundaries, no limits. ThingLink is the next frontier on experiencing what is possible in exchanging information on the web, whether for education, news or entertainment and most certainly for businesses to present their brand and engage with their customers with measurable results. ThingLink began in … Continue reading


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… Alzheimer’s?!

Women are hardest hit by Alzheimer’s.  In fact, women account for more than 45,000 deaths each year from Alzheimer’s complications.  Add into the equation the impact on the family since women traditionally are the caregivers for children, parents and spouses.  Alzheimer’s ravages entire families. Alzheimer’s is a bit mysterious with no clear understanding of what causes the disease. … Continue reading

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“350” 24 October 2009 International Day of Climate Change

Climate change.  It has been an elusive issue in the political world yet it is an alarming visible reality in remote regions of the world. Recent reports indicate less Arctic Sea ice, more Carbon Dioxide, an increased sea level, an increased global temperature and a larger ozone hole, which are mobilizing the global community to … Continue reading

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Earth Aid – New Trend

Success happens when all opposing sectors join for a common goal. Earth Aid educates, rewards, monitors and reminds consumers of new trends in energy efficiency.  Partnering with government energy offices and local businesses, Earth Aid offers tips on ways to save electricity, conserve water, save gas and the overall environmental benefit of being energy efficient. … Continue reading