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ThingLink: Innovation at Its Best – Creative, Engaging and Global

The Acropolis at Night.Photo used with copyright permission from photographer Nikolaos Chatziandreou,

The Acropolis at Night.
Photo used with copyright permission from photographer Nikolaos Chatziandreou,
Example of Antiquity of Engagement on the Web.

Innovators, risk what is accepted for what is possible, with no boundaries, no limits.

ThingLink is the next frontier on experiencing what is possible in exchanging information on the web, whether for education, news or entertainment and most certainly for businesses to present their brand and engage with their customers with measurable results. ThingLink began in 2006 and through several evolutions is now being used in over 40 countries.

ThingLink is the brainchild of Ulla Engeström, the Chief Executive Officer. Now she is joined with a team of Finish and American tech geniuses who between them are linked with past ventures with Nokia, Angry Birds, music sharing and gaming technology. The leadership team today includes, Ms. Engeström, the CEO; Neil Vineberg, the Chief Marketing Officer; Janne Jalkanen, the Chief Technology Officer; and Cyril Barrow, the Chief Operating Officer – all young, dynamic and fearless.

Images clearly capture the imagination of viewers and until now, the story ended there. See image above – this is now antiquity. Today viewers via ThingLink can ‘touch and experience’ this every same image beyond a flat screen with links to content, video, music and even with metrics to know the reach of an image remixed into the web stratosphere. For a creative or a business person to experience this exchange of information is invaluable.. The only element missing is the sense of smell.

For educators, this platform is ground breaking. Teachers and students are now being challenged in the 21st C with 21st century tools. Teachers can create lessons plans for students and students can learn, engage in a fully integrated platform.  As Neil Vineberg, Chief Marketing Officer of ThingLink says, Thinglink ‘fuses education with learning.” To demonstrate the full potential of ThingLink for educators and students, Aunty Tech has created 64 ways to use ThingLink in the classroom.

In fact, ThingLink is hosting a contest for students (K-12) to enter an image within several categories, which include: favorite books, science, environment, money smarts, art & music and history & social studies. Parents, students and teachers take note. The deadline for submitting images is May 1, 2013. A team of educators will evaluate each submission and select the winners, who will then receive an iPad mini and the winning schools will receive a subscription to the Rosen Database.

For businesses, this is a breakthrough in reaching customers through an engaging platform that offers transparency for a wide range of metrics, that ultimately supports revenue. Gone are the days of boring flat banner ads, ad blindness and confusing metrics. A paradigm shift has occurred with ThingLink. A multidimensional platform has emerged for businesses to present their brand with education, quality and creativity. The implications and potential are vast. According to Vineberg, “ThingLink is delivering double digits in engagement.” Engagement equals revenue. Clearly, for the success of any business today engagement with and access to the global economy is essential. With creativity, engagement, metrics and revenue, businesses grow and inspire the next innovation.

Unfortunately, 9 muses news is a site and cannot demonstrate ThingLink in this article. However, author Keri Douglas created a channel on ThingLink. See how ThingLink can be applied for news stories. Hopefully, WordPress will open the doors for all web publishers to use ThingLink on just as it is available on WordPress VIP. Small enterprises are a major force in any economy and should have access to this platform. If editors of small web publishing business want to use ThingLink on their sites, ask for it directly to WordPress.

ThingLink is innovation at its best – creative, engaging and global. Innovation is what drives society, the economy and ultimately the human experience. Try ThingLink and see a new world of knowledge appear.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)


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