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Re-Inspire Greece: Gaea and a Paradigm Shift


Gaea the sponsor of Re-Inspire Greece

Innovation and entrepreneurship is the art, process, courage to redesign the elements against the status quo, expectation and norms of society to ensure growth and prosperity for all partners.

Defying the current Greek economic and unemployment crisis, Aris Kefalogiannis, founder of Gaea, a leading Greek global business in Mediterranean cuisine, is introducing “Re-Inspiring Greece, from the Youth UP” to invest in young Greek entrepreneurs within the agricultural business sector with funding, technical assistance and access to global markets.

“Gaea’s main pillar of success, is our vision and values. In that context and during these hard times for Greece, we decided to do something  to support the future of talented youngsters. This initiative not only aims to re-inspire and to motive a generation that faces unprecedented rates of unemployment, but also offers the Greek Diaspora a way to help the country of their ancestors.” said Mr. Kefalogiannis.

Partnering with celebrity chef Cat Cora, Gaea expects to spark a revival of the entrepreneurial spirit and economic opportunities for the more then 54% unemployed youth both in Greece and those who have left to seek their own opportunities.

Leading business experts supporting the initiative include:

  • Prof. Takis Athanasopoulos, Chairman of Greek privatization committee, ex-chairman Toyota Europe
  • Dr. Panos Kanellis, President, American Farm School and D.Perrotis College Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Stavros Stavratis, Director of Piraeus Bank Agriculture Sector
  • Athos Stylianou, Managing Partner, RSM International Greece, chartered accounts,
  • Nondas Lambadarios, Attorney at Law, Managing Partner – Lambadarios Law Firm & owner of the “Agrilla Estate”
  • Dr. Aris Kefalogiannis CEO Gaea Products, S.A.
  • Michalis Stangos CEO MSCOMM Communications Agency & Board Member of HAYE – Hellenic Associate of Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs with detailed businesses plans in Greek are invited to submit their plans by June 30, 2013 for the opportunity to be one of ten winners to receive a seed grant of €25,000 (approximately US$32,000) from Gaea; an option for additional funding of €25,000 from Pireaus Bank; along with technical assistance from Gaea and the American Farming School of Greece; and finally, access to 27 countries within the global distribution network of Gaea. For complete details of how to submit a business plan, go to 

It only takes one idea, one partner to make the world a better place. Individuals wanting to support this initiative, may also purchase Antiparos Agrilia Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly through‘s web site and share the opportunity within their networks. Businesses who wish to join the initiative may contact GAEA directly with their offers.

This is a paradigm shift, eliminating nonessential partners and symbolic gestures. By focusing on results, while knowing full well the associated risks, the capital investment required and the importance of access to global markets, Re-Inspire Greece will certainly set a new business model for economic development and talent retention in any country.

Is this innovative spirit of Re-Inspire Greece toying with destiny only the gods control? Some skeptics may even argue, this is a Sisyphus task. Yet, more revealing, only from the ashes of a crisis, a spirit may rise more intrepid, more determined to take an idea that could be only be considered a leap of faith to change society and create a prosperous future for all citizens of Greece.

Perhaps, Re-Inspire Greece is Zeus’ Phoenix.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer in Washington, D.C.



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