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Architectural Heritage Brought Back to Life

Preserving architectural heritage is smart for the economy and smart for the soul of a community. Our historical architecture tells our story, our way of life, our priorities and more than anything our sense of vision. This film is brilliantly done, erasing bland grey concrete and glass in typical box designs to revealing marvelous curves, turrets and archways. Before we act to destroy architectural heritage, we must ask ourselves – where do we want to live? In bland grey uniform boxes or creative innovative spaces. For where we live, we become.

Thanks to Nikos Chatziandreou of for sharing the video.


One thought on “Architectural Heritage Brought Back to Life

  1. it is showing what we are losing in are heritage life by showing whats here today and was there yesterday. the video it self was good because it was making the things there vanish and show what we destroy.

    -abner russom 10 years old

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