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Betty Wells: Award Winning NBC News Artist – Eye Witness to History

Betty Wells has had a front row seat to American history for more than 30 years covering the Watergate scandal; high-profile trials of spies and terrorists; Senators and Members of Congress; Congressional hearing and debates featuring political leaders of the day; and even going undercover to create special investigative reports.  Of utmost historical importance, Betty Wells is the only artist to paint life behind the scenes at the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Betty Wells Award Winning NBC Artist

A limited number of rare art pieces from Betty Wells’ private collection are available for purchase.  For more information, please contact Keri Douglas, Nine Muses International,

Betty Wells sits down with Kiki Ryan of Politico.  Read Kiki Ryan’s story on the front page of Politico.

Kris Kitto of The Hill talks with Betty Wells about Art on Deadline.

Official web site for Betty Wells with portfolio of illustrations:




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