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Meet John Dough, Superhero by Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.09.20 PMLucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers brilliantly introduces her politically savvy and witty Meet John Dough, Super Hero, A Political Fantasy novelette during a year of unrecognizable political drama in the United States.

Everyone is searching for a hero. 

A wish for a hero to miraculously appear and transform a tumultuous year exposing deep racism, intolerance, elitism, corruption, nepotism, and, never before witnessed, leadership that can only be described as a kakistrocacy.

Suspending reality, Jarka-Sellers writes the tale an elderly activist, Alida accompanied by her dog, Buddy, who creates from a cuddly puddle of dough, John Dough, a caped hero. This imaginative character who smothers unimaginable true characters of incomprehensible incompetence and intolerance.

Each twist in the story almost captures the real life excruciating whiplash experienced following the daily presidential drama and Tweets as reported in 2017.

The character John Dough invokes another Philadelphia political activist, a hero of the Revolutionary War, Thomas Paine, and reminiscent of the original motivation for American independence from British colonial rule. This being the core belief that an individual has a voice and can peacefully express opinions when the course of the nation is in question.

Meet John Dough may be one of the first creative literary endeavors to deliver a manifesto for democratic resistance to a political nightmare through knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, American history, and, the arts.

Meet John Dough reminds the reader of key points of enduring American values and aspirations while also acknowledging that all has not been perfect. Yet, everyone has the right to pursue their own dreams.

“All people are of equal worth, and

Everyone has the right to life, liberty,

and the pursuit of happiness.”

In addition, Jarka-Sellers, through little vignettes, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, respect for others, appreciation for our national monuments and surrounding nature, and, respect for international agreements.


Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers with her dog, who endorsed the book with “Funny, moving, and sound on dogs. John Dough is the most lovable superhero ever invented.”

This is a playful classic for the more erudite reader. Jarka-Sellers studied the Classics at Harvard University and Cornell University; and, art at the Boston Museum School and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Later, for many years, she was a high school teacher of the Classics and Philosophy in the Philadelphia area.

Meet John Dough is an extremely well-written and illustrated political witty novelette for adults and a brilliant civics lesson for young adults. It is a pleasure to read. In fact, Meet John Dough is an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to read and discuss the current political challenges and the intended principles of American democracy with young adults. (See the Study Guide Questions below and follow the links to learn more. Share your answers and comments below.)

Read Meet John Dough and consider what action you will take to be an integral and ethical member of democracy.

By Keri Douglas, founder/publisher of Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

Study Guide Questions:

  1. What is “Kakistrocacy“?
  2. What is the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution?
  3. What is the function and role of the U.S. Presidency?
  4. What is the function and role of U.S. Congress?
  5. What is the function of the U.S. Supreme Court?
  6. How are laws made?
  7. Who is the most powerful leader in the U.S.? (leave your answer below)
  8. Why is a free press important? (leave your answer below)
  9. How can you as a citizen make democracy better? (leave your answer below)

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