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Ted Kennedy: A legend

Senator Ted Kennedy by Betty Wells (copyright protected)

Betty Wells in her career as a NBC News illustrator captures the passion and energy of Senator Ted Kennedy.  His (yet to be told) legacy in reforming the US health care system may be his enduring landmark in his career.

Legends are made by those with a fire in the belly; the willingness to try and fail; and then get back up to try again.  Senator Kennedy is a legend in his own right.

I recall former President Richard M. Nixon sending a letter to President Ronald Reagan upon leaving The White House saying – politics is like a roller coaster and you have ended yours on a high point.  The same could be said for Senator Ted Kennedy.

As The Economist writes today – “a hard act to follow.” The ability to work both sides of the political aisle is the mark of a true leader.

For an overview of Senator Kennedy’s life read The New York Times today.

Please contact me for permission to use Betty Wells’ image at

Official web site for Betty Wells with portfolio of illustrations:


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