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Bapuji – Service for Others

Retired from a long career with the United Nations, Bapuji returned to a small village in central India to serve the community as advised by Gandhi.

Bapuji was a freedom fighter for Gandhi when we was a young child. He remembered the request of Gandhi that after India’s freedom from the British, all freedom fighters were to return to their villages and share their education, knowledge and experience to help improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Now, Bapuji serves his community just the way Gandhi asked.  He has created a community center offering educational programs in organic farming, literacy, political participation and yoga.  Bapuji is known for his philosophy that spirituality and service “go hand and hand”.

Reflecting on lessons learned from Bapuji, reminded me of the statue of Gandhi in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC.  Engraved at the foot of the statue is:   “My life is my message.”

What is your message?


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