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Be Beautiful with A.S.APOTHECARY

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A.S. Apothecary is exquisite luxury. In one drop, senses are ignited with the rich sensual fragrance bursting of wildflowers and the sheer velvet caress of opulent oils. As though, an ancient alchemist is overseeing the transformation of nature into one drop for mere mortals to be saturated in lavish beauty. Certainly, a gift from the gods to transform oneself.

A.S. Apothecary invites the spirit in to experience the beauty within nature and oneself. Silently inhaling Cleansing Oil #5 one is immediately transported to a meadow surrounded by woods on a brilliant sun filled day, warmth, clean air and the sparkle and fragrance of vibrant wildflowers. The essence, the vision, quietly calms the spirit. The rich emollient oil carries with it the gentle steps walking through the grass, the trees, the flowers and the gently flowing creek. In one drop, the alchemist has transformed both the universe and the seeker.

What is this A.S. Apothecary? Who is this alchemist?

A.S. Apothecary is a small batch distillery, originating from the Plumpton, just outside Lewes, in the United Kingdom founded by Amanda Saurin, a traditional Apothecary.

Having lived in the Levant, Saurin studied and perfected her alchemy skills “to create exquisite aromatics and essential oils from plants that she collected in the gardens of Sufis, the mountains of Kyrenia and the citrus groves bordering the Mediterranean.”

Saurin has “an appreciation of the transformative nature of the scent, the rhythm of the plants, or their terroir, of landscape and the interconnectedness of us all, pivotal to the philosophy that underpins and informs Amanda’s work.”


Cleanser gift set.

Cleanser gift set.

These magical A.S. Apothecary creations include face and body care creams, oils, and cleansers; aromatic waters; and healing first-aid balms; and specialty gifts available for purchase in Europe and the United States. Each one of these special small batch products would be a unique, rare, and luxurious gift for any loved one.

A.S. Apothecary is also a learning center. They offer a variety of courses in designing gardens; perfecting the process of distilling fragrance; and, even, integrating local botany into local projects such as partnering with the nearby whiskey distiller and even crafting a special soap for sale at the local opera house gift shop.

Humanity has benefited and revered the alchemist’s tonics and oils for centuries from the ancient Greeks to Cleopatra to the modern world balancing life in rush of urban living.

Seekers respect the botanist who selects nature’s gift at its peak, the chemist who formulates ancient recipes, and, the healer who chooses the right potion to balance the human spirit. The modern day alchemist integrates all. Reminding each seeker of the ancient philosophy of alchemy that in reality one is all, all is one. Perhaps an elixir does exists for each human desire, now we know, one does exist especially for the desire for everlasting beauty.

A.S. Apothecary’s elixirs speak volumes to the seeker. Be beautiful.

By Keri Douglas, founder and publisher of, a web magazine on new trends in art, business and science. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

A special note: I learned of A.S. Apothecary through Twitter. @MestoArtisanOliveOil shared a lovely Tweet from @Asapoth mentioning their beautiful gift set to be aware to three winners. I was one of the lucky persons. First, I realized that A.S. Apothecary uses in some of their formulas the exquisite artisan olive oil by @MestoArtisanOliveOil harvested in Crete. Then, as a beginner alchemist, I am so happy to learn from a master to further ignite my own passion for creating natural essences to use during yoga class, traveling, or walking with my dog. This entire exchange also proved to me one more time the extraordinary reach of social media and the opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful way that enhances life, work and all of our passions. Thank you, @MestoArtisanOliveOil for sharing and thank you @Asapoth for sharing your exquisite products of beauty with me. 



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