Steel and Light by Keri Douglas
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Steel and Light by Keri Douglas

Metal and Gas.  Opposites attract.  In Asuncion, Paris, Milan and New York, I was drawn to the relationship between steel and light.  I used my Holga and Nikon to capture the gentle relationship between strength and air in the known and unknown.  This series is currently on exhibit at the National Press Club, Washington, DC. … Continue reading


India / International / Truth / Yoga

Bapuji Wisdom – Listen to Yourself

Bapuji, a gentle 86 year old yogi, sat peacefully on a folded chair sharing life’s lessons with twenty yoga students. With respect each student leaned forward not wanting to miss a word.  But, Bapuji said loudly and clearly, “Don’t listen to me. Listen to yourself.” With shocking honesty – Bapuji reminded everyone that they each … Continue reading

HIV/AIDS / International / Truth

If you know the Reality … You know the Answers

African truths and African realities drive countless people to change the dynamics on the ground to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  With more than 12 million orphans in Africa and 2.3 million orphans alone in Kenya, selfless people faithfully keep sending messages out for help though sometimes like mute SOS machines desperately hoping someone will understand the … Continue reading