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Leadership and Integrity: Jill Geisler

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.58.22 PMJill Geisler is an inspiring leader who takes her audience to the highest level of achievement in business and in life. Whether a journalist, entrepreneur, business owner, or government employee, it is time to listen up, learn and implement her advice.

In Q&A: Leadership and Integrity in the Digital Age, Loyola University in Chicago, Geisler shares best practices in small manageable five minute podcasts for all levels of experience, ages and professions. Her podcasts delve into sensitive topics or answer question some may be to embarrassed to acknowledge they do not know the answer. Other podcasts introduce and explain the new digital world of information for those who still view paper as the only vehicle for news.

“Should Leaders Ever Lie?”

“How Can I build a Personal Brand without Shameless Self-promotion?”

How Can We Fight Burnout in an “Always-On” Culture?

How Can I become a Better Listener?

From a social media point of view, notice by creating her own podcast, with all episodes under 5 minutes, she has created a vehicle to effectively deliver advice to busy people and leaders. The podcast links then become even greater resources over Twitter and Facebook helping Geisler reaching an even larger greater audience.

Geisler is strategic, offers relevant content, short episodes, shared across platforms at times her audience is most engaged. By doing so, she secures a larger audience and better metrics to review her return on investment. In terms of metrics, social media tools give hard audience numbers and measures engagement, which ultimately is where the true wealth exists.

Today everyone has the opportunity to gain access to quality leadership and insights to help rise to the top. Take the opportunity to listen, ask questions and learn from one of the best digital news leaders, Jill Geisler.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.15.54 PM

Do you have any topics you would like addressed? Send @JillGeisler a Tweet.

Jill Geisler is one of my favorite mentors who helps each person achieve their best and fullest potential at work and in life.

By Keri Douglas, founder and editor of 9MusesNews, a web magazine on new trends in art, business and science. Copyright protected 2016. All rights reserved.






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