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Art Angelique in Paris: Vibrant, Mysterious, Ethereal

8 - L'ete sur les toits by Angelique Confetti in brilliant colors illuminate the magic of Paris on canvas as only Angelique can create. Opening her 10th show in Paris on August 27 at the Seven Seventy Gallery, 18 rue Dauphine, Paris 75006, Angelique reveals the hidden romance and joy of Parisian life.

With palette knife and bold colors Angelique blocks out the air, roof tops, cobble stone streets and cafe street scenes with ethereal illusions. Each has a notion of mystery and curiosity. To capture the unusual colors and light, Angelique delicately balances a canvas while climbing a drain pipe to the roof. She sets up early in the morning to capture the spring light hitting the bronze roof tops with clay chimney pipes. Often shuttered windows are open offering another breath of life.

Angelique spends most of her time in Paris living at the top of an old apartment building behind the Louvre. When she is not in Paris, she may be in India, Thailand or her native homeland, Australia.   Restoring spirit and soul allows her to reveal the vibrant colors of life around her.

This year’s show is a must see while you are in Paris.

And, if not in Paris, view on her web site Enjoy!

Read more at Ode magazine Exchange.

15a Pont Neuf by Angelique


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