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Ismalia’s Best Secret – Hussein Abu Ali Cafe

Ismalia is a small fishing village with open cafes looking out to the water serving fresh fish, shrimp and shellfish.  An extra delightHussein Abu Ali Cafe is the fresh fruit they serve from the local orchards.  Local lore is that a Swiss botanist brought Indian seeds to start mango, strawberry and papaya farms.

We went to Hussein Abu Ali for the most luscious lunch of green soup made of a vegetable similar to okra; grilled fish and shrimp; and, flavorful grilled clams.  Of course, hummus and tahina was served with fresh baked pita.  Local fishermen, couples and a group of bodybuilders on steroids filled the restaurant. If only they had FedEx and would deliver to Washington, D.C.

Ismalia is a treasure and worth the drive through the desert heat.


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