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Don’t Postpone Joy

Laurey's Catering, Ashville, NC

Ashville, North Carolina  A small town with a big message, “Don’t Postpone Joy.”

Laurey’s Catering is the example of the saying, ‘it takes a village.’  A family has been created through this business to include all of the employees, the surrounding community, young and old, the local farmers, the local artists and even the human society.

Laurey’s Catering is also supporting little Henry who is going through some serious health treatments, which recently included a bone marrow transplant.  On November 8th, Laurey’s Catering hosted a pancake breakfast to support Henry’s family.  Then on November 11, in honor of little Henry, the entire town donated 11% of the sales to support Heny’s health care costs.

When a business sets the example of how life should be a world of difference can happen.   A small child vulnerable to the world around him is teaching people how to live life.  To follow little Henry’s progress, go to Caring Bridge.

To follow an inspiring business owner, sign up for Laurey’s Cafe’s newsletter at  It is filled with stories on food, nature and local perspectives.  It is a glimpse into a world filled with hope, optimism, appreciation and ultimately, joy.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, D.C.

Read more at Ode magazine Exchange.


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