PSA: Recovery & Solutions

Everyone is on a journey to heal from past traumas and recover to live their best lives.

During this time of COVID, increased isolation, less human connections and touch, resiliency may be challenged and some may solve their anxieties with alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs causing dramatic increases in mental health needs, deadly traffic incidents, and increased cases of domestic violence.

There are solutions available. Recently I was pitched by StartYourRecovery.org to share their story.

Please read and share with family and friends.

StartYourRecovery.org provides helpful information for people who are dealing with substance use issues — and their family members, friends, and co-workers, too. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges faced by those who misuse alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or other substances, and aim to break through the clutter to help people at any stage of recovery.

StartYourRecovery.org offers people who are dealing with substance use issues a single source of reputable, objective information about signs, symptoms, conditions, treatment options, and resources — presented in a user-friendly format and in language that’s easy to understand.

The organization stated with a question “Why doesn’t someone offer access to these resources in one place?” The answer was, “Why don’t we?”

Start Your Recovery started as a pro-bono project of Reingold, a firm that specializes in public health communications, about six years ago. This resource was developed because they were unhappy with what was previously out there and wanted to create a one-stop-shop for individuals to not only learn about substance use disorder but also have easy access to treatment options when they’re ready to take action and find help.

To create this resource, StartYourRecovery.org partnered with leaders from non-profit, academic, and government institutions.

Today, StartYourRecovery.org is an independent organization, connecting over 800,000 people annually to support and treatment options, which is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Do you need assistance? Does a loved one need assistance with substance use? Take a moment to learn more and share with friends and family.

COVID has taught me that life is short and to live the best expression of you, now.


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