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The Wisdom of Raggedy Ann and Andy

“And when one is thinking lovely, kind, beautiful thoughts of course one has no time to be come lonesome.” Simple wise words for children (and adults) from a father to his daughter long ago. How similar in philosophy to spiritual teachers from around the world addressing parliaments; mass audiences; authoring countless books; or presiding over … Continue reading

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Captain Abu Raed: A Film of Dreams, Friendships and Courage

“When I was a boy … I had dreams”  are Captain Abu Raed’s first words to the group of hopeful children surrounding him on the hill top in Jordan.  The dusty dry soccer area circled by Roman columns and the airport become the settings in the award winning film, Captain Abu Raed.  The older widower … Continue reading

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Yesterday but Today: Reading in Kigali, Rwanda

Books are whispers of the past heard well into the future.  Lydie Hakizimana opened her bookstore Drakkar Ltd. in Nyarutarama, Mountain Center in Kigali, Rwanda three years ago.  Lydia sells new and used books with an emphasis on educational material and text books for students at the local schools and universities.  With the return to … Continue reading

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Health Care – Fresh and Honest: A Letter from Carla and Barbara of Politics and Prose

This morning I received an e-mail from Politics and Prose a very popular bookstore in Washington, DC. It is owned by two women who have created a successful business model in a fragile world of book selling. In their event publicity e-mail they included this letter on the current national discussion on health care. It … Continue reading

Walls Between People
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Walls Between People

“Walls Between People” is a new exhibit at the Museum of the International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent in Geneva, Switzerland from September 2008 to January 2009.  The exhibit is based on the book by Alexandra Novosseloff and Frank Neisse and artistically presented by Robert Ireland. Using military maps, the exhibit illustrates eight … Continue reading