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Creativity: Swiss Artist Anita Peghini-Raber Talks Art & Tango

Swiss artist and gallery owner, Anita Peghini-Raber, shares her views on creativity with one of her favorite paintings, a painting of a couple in a tango embrace.

With a large paint brush, meant for painting houses, Peghini-Raber starts with bold strokes of pastel under wash of left over pastel pieces. With an intensity of an inventor, creator, Peghini-Raber describes how she connects with her inner vision as she starts painting and allowing her vision to unfold, naturally, freely.  From the shadows comes a woman, a man, embracing, poised to let the music possess their movements and ignite their passions. From a blank canvas to one filled with kinetic movement that is evocative and romantic, this is Peghini-Raber.

This moment of creativity is fascinating, Peghini-Raber describes,

“It is that moment of creativity.

I don’t know where it is going.

I know where it leads to.

The goal is to achieve that feeling that I initially felt about the scene or how strongly I felt about the subject matter.

Then, once I achieve that feeling.

I know it is done.”

This creative spaces exists for any new endeavor. Listen and watch Peghini-Raber describe how she paints. She follows the natural pattern of creation with an empty space, an internal vision, combining the necessary elements, an electrical spark or action, forming and breaking down, and then reforming the elements into the final masterpiece.

Anita Peghini-Raber Gallery is a destination for any art appreciator and collector. With a number of other artist’s work represented in the gallery including Wilbur M. Reeling and Don Griffin. Even Reeling comments on creativity in his artist statement with,

“It is the emotional link that makes art worth creating.”

Plan your next free weekend to visit Rehoboth Beach and visit the Anita Peghini-Raber Gallery at 49 Baltimore Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware ( If you like to tango, make sure to visit the last Saturday of each month. Call ahead to confirm the details.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC. Copyright protected 2014. All rights reserved.

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