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Calliope Rises: Poetry with Katie Aliferis

Katie Aliferis, poetKatie Aliferis evokes the spirit of Calliope, the muse of poetry, in her true form with beauty, elegance and powerful words woven together to entice emotions of longing and the courage of the most courageous warrior.

A poet in San Francisco, Aliferis is inspired by the spirits of the ancients and her Greek heritage. Her ancestors came to America in the early 1900s from the small seaside village of Areopolis, named for Ares, the god of war. From the earliest time, her grandmother or Yiayia, shared the tales of an immigrant family starting new, her love for the land and sea of their origins, while at the same remembering the spirit of home, in the heart.

Poetry opens the soul to see the path forward, to overcome challenges and find one’s true path. Katie Aliferis is a passionate and valiant poet who dares to shine brilliantly the path forward infused with the wisdom of the elders.

Ancient Ruins
Crumbling stones and wispy sand
Gray and beige monuments crowning the earth
Reaching toward the gods in the sky
Praising their good deeds and merciful ways
History resides in these walls
Democracy was born on these floors
Philosophy was considered in these rooms
Freedom was conjured in these halls
Precious and priceless
Timeless and treasured
Mystical and magical
These ancient ruins.
* * *
Soul Search
Gray crags, the dragon’s teeth
Line the path to hell
Frozen and on fire, the
Cradle of my civilization.
* * *
Imprison Me Not
Imprison me not
Listen as the goat bells clang
The church bells beckon
And the warning bells cry
Rooted deep in the land
See me grow as the olive tree
Reaching toward the glorious sun
Calling on the gods of old
Imprison me not
Preserve my sister’s innocence
Preserve my mama’s orchard
Preserve my papa’s taverna
Boiling deep in my heart
An anger awaits you
Promising you will not see another day
Unwilling to surrender to your threats
Imprison me not
Standing tall and proud
Weapons drawn and ready
My home, this is, and never yours.
* * *

Calliope is proud. Her daughter writes with beauty, passion and courage that makes all of the muses sing with praise. Visit her web site or follow her on @KatieA_SF.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)

7 thoughts on “Calliope Rises: Poetry with Katie Aliferis

  1. Amazingly flowing and dynamic, Kate’s poems connect me to both ancient and eternal beauty and harmony, vitality and wisdom.

    Congratulations Kate!
    Thank you Jane for bringing Kate’s poems to us!

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  3. Thank you so much for introducing me to Katie’s poetry. I read her poems when you first posted this and I’ve gotten hooked on reading them.
    Just read a new poem by Katie in the literary journal”Voices”––which is beautiful: “My People”.

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