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Oohh, la la, Turn On those Luscious Lamps!

Luscious LampsOoohh, la la! Turn on those Luscious Lamps!

Sylvia Miller turns on the ‘wow’ light meter with her unique eye-catching Luscious Lamps. Premiering at Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot Thursday night, Luscious Lamps sparkle with creativity, design and ingenuity.

She always starts with the base. This is where her passion begins. “Be at one with the lamp,” says Miller.

The first Luscious Lamp was born over a year ago when she found a base she loved but couldn’t find an affordable colorful shade. Frustrated that most shades are expensive and come in beige, cream or black, Miller refused to give up. She decided she would make a shade thinking, “it can’t be that hard.” Plus, Miller says, “We need more color.”

With a serene playful presence, Miller explains her process. She always starts with the base. This is where her passion begins. “Be at one with the lamp,” says Miller. It could be anything — a real vintage glass lamp base; a toy car; a toaster; a toy baby grand piano that plays Beethoven; or even a lobster trap. She sits with the base, thinks and then brings it to life with color and pizazz through her vast network of vendors to select the right fabric, tassel and finial. Boring these lamps are not!

The world of lamp vendors opened up to her. Now, Miller finds her finishing touches in vintage shops, E-bay, Etsy and even a Jaguar car dealership. “I don’t do run of the mill,” says Miller. That is true when you notice the details on each lamp. Miller emphasized, “I like to bring a little creativity, WOW and push the limits.”

Miller loves creating and loves designing new lamps. “I adore life,” she says, “Since life only goes around once, I want to create lamps that are unique, colorful and more than anything affordable.”

During a short lived dark moment, Miller decided to take a chance and inquire about having a show at Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnots. Pixie, the 14th Street vintage diva herself, was charmed by Miller’s enthusiasm. Pixie’s first reaction on seeing photographs of Luscious Lamps was, “Oh! These are really great!”

Luscious Lamps will be available for purchase at Miss Pixie’s until January 29, 2011.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC. All Rights Reserved. Copyright protected.

OMG Decor
Update: Sylvia Miller has just opened Oh, My Goodness Decor vintage retail store with even more glorious engaging vibrant designer furniture pieces for any stylish home. Check out her Facebook page – OMG Decor and visit her store at 403 Carthage Street, Sanford, North Carolina (919) 292-0886.

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