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Farmers Markets Here, There and Everywhere!

Dupont Farmers Market by Keri DougasWhat did we eat before the farmers’ markets started their come back? Remember iceberg lettuce being the norm?

I recall Nora Pouillon of Nora’s restaurant – who opened the first organic restaurant in the United States in 1999 – tell the story of searching desperately for an alternative to iceberg lettuce when she first arrived in the U.S. She knew there were more varieties of greens available but where they were grown and sold was the question. Slowly, the demand for flavorful, tasty, real, pesticide free produce and meats became a revolution.

President Barack Obama in a health care forum this week wished for a farmer’s market next door to the White House (see 1:10:45 marker on video). Actually – there are several! Farmers Markets in the Washington, D.C. metro area are everywhere. Local farmers bring in fresh cheese, yogurt, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, raw honey, fresh breads, plants, flowers and even soap. There is even one unique farm group in Charlottesville, Virginia – Arganica Farm Club – which delivers every week a box of the freshest pick of the season to a person’s home or office.

Visit your local farmer’s market. Enjoy the produce as it is meant to be tasted all while knowing you are supporting your local farmers. Farmers Markets are back and here to stay.


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