Thousands Line up for Free Health Care

Where in the world would thousands of people line up for free health services? Many even stayed overnight outside in line just for the chance to receive dental care, PAP smears and physicals.

Could it be Comoros, where people receive free medical services? BBC did a report on the new initiative offered by the Comoros Social Security system as many villagers had trouble affording health care.

Or possibly, Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay), where Neelam Makhijani and HelpAge India offer free medical care to the elderly – as BBC reported.

Where could this desperate need be? Ingelwood, California – just outside of Los Angeles city proper. Read The New York Times report on the overwhelming response to the Rural Area Medical offering their services for the first time in an urban setting.

Perhaps this need in the U.S. could be filled by other non-profits and new international health initiatives – like the Grameen Healthcare.


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