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Preserve History or Invent the Future?

The ever present cultural divide in any society of the elders preserving history and the young inventing the future is found  everywhere around the world. In Tibet, the elders want to preserve the ancient culture, monasteries and religious traditions while the young are eager to go to the modern (Chinese) clubs, restaurants and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Truth in Photographs

Photography is evidence of the relationship between the photographer and the images in front – either one of cliches or connections.  If the photographer has a connection, the essence of the photographer will show through to the image. Nicholas Lainez, an anthropologist and photographer, explored South East Asia exploring the world of human trafficking first … Continue reading

Tibetan Doctor Leads First Prevention and Education Campaign
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Tibetan Doctor Leads First Prevention and Education Campaign

In the world of HIV/AIDS, communications is vital. In many communities, often the initial reaction is to say, “we do not have any men who have sex with men; we do not have any men who visit prostitutes; and, we do not have any HIV/AIDS.” Reality is a bit different than the words. Today, according … Continue reading

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Green Thinking – Outside of the Box? Local First

Why is it ‘news’ when someone applies the rules of nature to architecture, climate change, or even national energy policies? Common sense is returning. Recently The Economist profiled the new U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu in the July 2, 2009 issue (see earlier post). Secretary Chu being a Nobel Prize winner in physics is a … Continue reading