Contemporary Artist Receives Mubarak Prize for Art Award
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Contemporary Artist Receives Mubarak Prize for Art Award

Muhammed Taha Hussein: Contemporary Artist Awarded in Egypt The Mubarak Prize for Arts recipient this year is artist professor Muhammad Taha Hussein, a contemporary artist who illustrates the fine balance between modern and tradition. Mr. Hussein is a gentle giant of a man who stands tall in height, with encompassing hands and has a large … Continue reading

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Embrace Part II

Cairo is filled with unexpected surprises, especially the Cairo Egyptian Museum, which features centuries old stone carvings; plenty of coffins; dead bodies; and, organs in special vessels. Entering the museum reminds me vaguely of walking into the Louvre in Paris.  Crowds of people and tour guides buzzing.  More objects than one can possibly take in and history beyond human comprehension. Immediately in … Continue reading