Exquisite Naive Art for the Heart and Soul at GINA Gallery
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Exquisite Naive Art for the Heart and Soul at GINA Gallery

GINA Gallery in the heart of Tel Aviv radiates the warmth, joy of enchanting naive art from around the world. Rich verdant landscapes, brilliant ruby red accents and gentle earth tones entice the viewer in to experience a world of dreams, magic and universal treasures of the soul.

Dan Chill, founder of GINA, represents more than 200 artists from more than 33 countries. He expertly weaves together into one portfolio the best of modern naive art known today, art with brilliant jeweled colors, exquisite skill and the core essence of the best of humanity. Chill is discovering each artist, each story, with an intrepidness only a bold visionary would ever dare consider. Continue reading

Paris Notes: Hopi Katsinam Masks and Their Destiny
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Paris Notes: Hopi Katsinam Masks and Their Destiny

Paris, the city of art, fashion and architecture and it’s relatively modest auction house Neret-Minet Tessier & Sarrou are on the global stage of cultural heritage and who has the right to own another culture’s patrimony and sacred artifacts or relics. Christopher Mazeika, scholar in ritual performance and art director at Paris based Santo Spada fashion house reflects on his visit to view the collection of Hopi masks up for auction. Continue reading

Hidden Secrets of Paraguay: The Ladies Who Do Art
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Hidden Secrets of Paraguay: The Ladies Who Do Art

Hidden within a glass paned studio, seven women arrive to do art. Once a week, working independently yet together, each woman finds her passion, her purpose and paints.The styles vary from abstract, surrealism to naive with an intensity of a woman who has found a few hours to freely empty her soul to the universe. Welcome to the secret world of art in Asuncion, Paraguay. Continue reading

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Art as a Peacemaker in Afghanistan?

Impossible to imagine that art could possibly be a mechanism to bring peace and prosperity to the Afghan community.  However, in the midst of war, terror by local militia, food shortages, domestic violence, artisans are finding peace and hope by crafting silk scarves, jewelry and even modifying traditional tent lining felt into home interior products for … Continue reading

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Embrace Part II

Cairo is filled with unexpected surprises, especially the Cairo Egyptian Museum, which features centuries old stone carvings; plenty of coffins; dead bodies; and, organs in special vessels. Entering the museum reminds me vaguely of walking into the Louvre in Paris.  Crowds of people and tour guides buzzing.  More objects than one can possibly take in and history beyond human comprehension. Immediately in … Continue reading