Anita Roddick: Managing Success
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Anita Roddick: Managing Success

Anita Roddick on Managing Success

“What every entrepreneurial company needs is crazy people reshaping strategies, coming up with ideas, constantly experimenting. For an entrepreneur to maintain a sense of entrepreneurship, there should be half a dozen … ” Continue reading

How do you define art, Olivio Ferrari?
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How do you define art, Olivio Ferrari?

Olivio Ferrari, designer, architect and professor inspired greatness within others. In honor of his legacy, students, friends and colleagues created the book Portfolio in 1996. Their reflections cover a span of 40 years with genuine admiration for the legacy of a teacher of art and design.

Ferrari, a minimalist of words and lines, shared

… think in situation …

… think in alternatives …

… nothing is constant but change …
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Poetry: Maiden of the Heavens & Love in Pagan Idylls by Artin K. Shalian
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Poetry: Maiden of the Heavens & Love in Pagan Idylls by Artin K. Shalian

What do old tales tells us? We live, we die and the creative spirit within blossoms and sparks the legacy of our life.

Artin K. Shalian captures the spirit of the writer, the storyteller with ancient Armenian tales preserved with great love. Around our kitchen table growing up, I heard the legends of his craft; his love and support for other authors, including Khalil Gibran; and, his devotion to his wife, Baidzar Shalian.

Here is an excerpt, ” Although she was a maiden of the heavens, she still possessed many a caprice of love that could not be satiated in her ethereal state of existence. According to the ordinance of the Great Master, love in its realization would consummate in creativity, and creativity … Continue reading