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5th Greek Dinner Around the World


Mr. Wash mural, The Parthenon, Greek Village, Washington, DC

Join to the world’s largest dinner party celebrating the Greek people, culture and influences that have shaped our world on January 15th, 2018.

This year friends in Abu Dhabi are joining us. Friends around the world who are chefs, authors, business leaders, award winning olive oil companies, artists, software engineers, scientists, and diplomats join to recognize the extraordinary gifts the Greek people and culture has shared for centuries.

Honor and respect the talent and contributions of the many Greek immigrants, Greek culture, diversity, history, and legacies that we just so naturally include. Look around your home and notice the Greek heritage you live every day – be it democracy, architecture, philosophy, art, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cuisine.

The dinner party rules are simple:

  • Promise to host a dinner party at home or a local Greek restaurant.
  • Share your story.
  • Connect with others.
  • Introduce new partners to the dinner party.
  • Really important, share and promote others.
  • Be inspired.
  • If you are able, purchase a Greek item from a Greek in Greece or purchase something Greek in your own town.

Use the power of social media to do good. Let people know of extraordinary Greeks in Greece or aboard; Greek inspiration either in culture or business in your own area; and, share your knowledge of how ancient Greek cultures is every where in western civilization.

Join the party! Share the wisdom and beauty of Greece.


By Keri Douglas, founder and publisher of

If you are new to the party, send me questions, tag me to share or RT, share a photo and invite others to join. If you want to be added to the master dinner party list – send me your name, city, and a business link.


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