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Inner Worlds at Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Hunter- Yousef Alshakar Bin Al Zaabi

Hunter- Yousef Alshakar Bin Al Zaabi (Copyright protected.)

Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi presents Inner Worlds with a collection of evocative and breath taking images that both reveal life in the Emirates as well as the spirit of the photographer. Inner Worlds commands the space.

The photographers in the exhibition include Amani Al Shaall, Anthony Lamb, Saeed Nassouri and Yourself Alshaker Bin Al Zaabi who live and work in the United Arab Emirates.

With personal intimacy and vulnerability, each photographer, in their own visual language, reveals their essence as well as humanity surrounding them. The collection is distinct with an expression of warmth, the tradition of the desert, and the flowing curves of nature.

Yousef Bin Shakar Alzaabi, is an extraordinary portrait photographer whose images are ruthlessly captivating. He modestly explains that “he sees photography as a spiritual life experience and a teacher that he learns from. A mentor that shows him the value of patience and gives him a new perspective in life, which he shares with his family and friends.” Yet, he is the master with expressions, the light, the hands, the intensity of life in each of the faces he photographs. His work is extraordinary and breath taking.

Amani Al Shaali, photographs are light filled and ethereal. A student of interior design in Dubai, Shaali’s work opens her soul. She explains,

“I am somebody who wants to create images that convey feelings most people can relate to. I’m inspired by personal stories, everyday experiences, human emotions and trying to find beauty in sadness.” 

A travel photographer of the world, Anthony Lamb’s work is mesmerizing through the repeated patterns in nature that at a moment’s notice can disappear.

“I’ve always liked clean design, minimal modern art, simple compositons in landscape paintngs, symmetry and balance. It always made sense to me that when composing a photograph, the image should be simplistic and uncluttered. This minimal style reflects a calm sense of mood which is my overall intent on. I’ve always been more interested in shooting less recognisable locations, as it adds more intrigue to the photograph; finding beauty in places that may be dismissed and composing simplistic photographic scenes to produce something unexpected.” 

”I’m drawn to water, (…) Beaches, lakes and oceans; they all hold photographic opportunities due to the changing reflective light, the movement and mood that water can produce with long exposures and the right conditions.” 

Nassouri, an award winning photographer from Abu Dhabi, pauses to see within the rush of millions of people living within the desert oasis quickly rising from the sandy floor. He takes street photography and fine art photography with a sensitive eye for perspectives in living of those around him.

It is not often that you see a photography collection that immediately strips the oxygen out of the room by its beauty, vastness and emptiness of the landscape yet all with a warm embrace. These photographers reveal their own inner worlds as well as the inner spirit of Abu Dhabi as it prepares to leap on to the global world stage of culture by opening the Louvre Abu Dhabi on November 11, 2017.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery of Abu Dhabi holds its own with contemporary art that represents the dynamic expression of regional world class artists and photographers.

By Keri Douglas, founder and publisher of All rights reserved.  Copyright protected.


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