7 Unique Holiday Gift Recommendations

The holidays are quickly approaching. Discovered seven unique and special gifts from artisans around the world. Explore and enjoy!


Blanca Santander inspires and enriches all you view her art. This year she has holiday cards available for purchase. Explore


My favorite workbooks and planners for creatives of any age who want to improve and grow their business and/or their lives. Perfect for college students, starting career, being an entrepreneur, or even retirement. Practical and insightful. Love them! By purchasing through this link, you are supporting Thank you!


Shop with a purpose. Same Sky, jewelry made to change the world. Artisans in Rwanda and US craft beautiful pieces.


Fairhope Chocolate is devine! Should you be lucky to order any handmade artisanal chocolate creation by Chef Jul – you will be in heaven! (I have know Chef Jul for years, decades and trust me, you will be delighted.) Excellent corporate gifts for colleagues, clients and, of course, family and friends. See more at and call 251.928.7750. to order.


Favorite mug design by Maria Tzaboura of Greece. Order on-line via


Journey by Emma Bland Smith is a delightful moving children’s book even adults will enjoy! Living with my own German Shepherd this was even more touching.


Organic spices and tea by Kouzounas Kitchen. Greek infused and inspired. Please support local artisans. Sales via email or phone. Explore on-line

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

By Keri Douglas, publisher and founder of


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