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3rd #GreekDinner Around the World

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.33.46 PMFor the third year, #GreekDinner Around the World on January 15, 2016 will honor and celebrate the best of Greek culture, heritage, cuisine, arts, and business in all corners of the world. Now, with so many refugees arriving in Greece, who are the families being sheltered in Greece? Starting in Australia, moving to Asia, through Europe, Africa, and then over to North and South America. Greek influence and culture is everywhere. Twenty-four hours of Greek inspiration around the world.

Friends and family will join once again for dinner, the theater, book readings, musical concerts and lectures to honor classical and modern Greece. The tradition is share a story, a photo or video or more through your social media accounts and then be generous and promote others doing the same. Meet new authors, discover new businesses and connect each Greek business with another business in your community.

Imagine the power of your purchases and investments.

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If you want to share your business, book, creative endeavor, favorite Greek destination, send a jpeg to You can also use the comment section below to promote your favorite Greek story.

For one day, engage – bring a positive story to so many in Greece and especially now with so many arriving refugees.

If you are in Greece, who are your guests at your dinner?


By Keri Douglas, founder and editor of 9 Muses News.


4 thoughts on “3rd #GreekDinner Around the World

  1. This is wonderful Kerry, especially your artwork.Brings back memories of a wonderful trip to the Aegean isles.I especially loved Santorini, which pops up in my next novel.Hope you are well and happy. Love,Donna

    All about my novel:   

  2. Donna, so nice to hear from you! Yes – join us! Come meet some new people! Invite some friends, use #GreekDinner, maybe share a little sneak preview of book #2 and RT others. Lots of authors are part of the global ‘dinner’ party! Happy New Year!

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