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Greek Dinner Around the World January 15, 2015

Greek Dinner Around the World Jan. 15, 2014

Greek Dinner Around the World Jan. 15, 2014

Imagine a dinner party to celebrate Greek culture, cuisine, philosophy and heritage around the world with family, friends, and new friends. This is Greek Dinner Around the World on January 15th.

An idea that was sparked last year by the film Kiveri by Panayloti Yannitsos () and a conversation over Twitter with authors Marjory McGinn (), Mary Platis (), & Peter Minaki () on how to connect and promote one’s work. In an instant, San Francisco Greek-American poet Katie Aliferis () joined in and from there is history.

Why not have a dinner party with friends around the world and share and promote each other’s creative ventures in books, films, art, cuisine, wine, philosophy, diplomacy, business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

One friend after another from Melbourne to Tokyo to Kazahkstan to Athens to Berlin to Brussels to London to New York to Toronto to Chicago to San Diego, hundreds of people, if not over a thousand, joined to celebrate a love for Greek culture and heritage.

Friends joined by hosting their own dinner party at home, at restaurants, universities with one olive to a full traditional Greek dinner menu. Some talked wine, olive oil, olives, heritage, mythology, diplomacy, business, art, (stolen art), films, and, of course, books. Talented friends joined, shared, promoted each other’s endeavors and connected with new friends. In a year, friendships have been created that uplift the spirits across borders.

Mark your calendars and have a dinner party on Thursday, January 15, 2015 to join the Greek Dinner Around the World to honor your Greek heritage, cultural and connection to Greece.

If you want to organize a dinner and have it promoted – post a comment and share a photo or message. All hosts (who want to be listed) will be listed. Submit your name, city, location (if public) of your dinner, and any other important details.

Follow the dinner party on social media through #GreekDinnerTwitterList on Twitter, Greek Dinner Around the World on Facebook, Instagram, #GreekDinner on Pinterest and Google+. When you are inspired, share, retweet, comment, connect, and engage with other dinner parties and enjoy!

Where is Greek culture in your city, home or heart?


Keri Douglas

Founder and publisher of 9 Muses News, Washington, DC

Greek Dinner Around the World Partners

Australia with Greek Wedding Traditions @GreekWedding
Australia with Rene' Tritaris, owner, 
Australia with Dionysis Tritaris, owner, @DionysiTritaris 

New Dehli, India with Nidhi Raghav with Platter Joy 

Maleas, Greece with Yorgos Koropoulis, Maleas Olive Oil,  
Anne Zouroudi, author, Greek detective novels, @annezouroudi 

Washington, DC with Keri Douglas, 9 Muses News, 
Washington, DC at Veranda on P RSVP to Aleks 
Washington, DC at Marx's Cafe 
Rockville, Maryland, Mykonos Grill restaurant
Vienna, Virginia, Nostos Restaurant 
Alexia Warner, Flavor Teaze, @FlavorTeaze & @AlexiaWarner1
New York City, Greek American Girl, @GreekAmGirl 
Cornelia Gracchi, @corneliagracchi
San Francisco, Elizabeth Rynecki, Moshe Rynecki Art Search @erynecki 
San Francisco, California with poet, Katie Aliferis @KatieA_SF 
Sacramento, California with Krystina Kalapothakos, Kouzounas Kitchen, @KouzounasKitche 
San Diego, California with chef and author Mary Platis of California Greek Girl
Washington, DC Niko and Oana, The Mediterranean Way Gourmet Market, Dupont Circle, Washington,DC @TheMediWay 
Global Greek World, everything Greek news, @GGWorldBuy Greek campaign, @BuyGreek 
Switzerland, Nikolaos Chatziandreou, scientist/cultural heritage, @nchatziandreo 

Athens, Greece, Dimos and Vicky Chatziandreou @VickyChatziandr 
Russell Darnley, professor, @maximos62 
Terry Douglas, author of Ganymede: A Tale of Middle Eastern Intrigue 
Chef Jule, The Frenchman's Corner of Fairhope 
Maria Dimitrakarakou, @dimitrakarakou
Kiki Vagianos, The Greek Vegan, @TheGreekVegan 
Food, Culture & Travel blogger, Banana Wonder, @BananaWonder 
Alex Pattakos, The OPA Way, @TheOPAWay 
Cornelia Gracchi, @corneliagracchi 
Eumelia Organic Farm, @eumeliafarm 
Diana Moutsopoulos, All Recipes, @dmoutsop 
Greek American Girl, @GreekAmGirl 
Elizabeth Rynecki, Moshe Rynecki Art Search @erynecki 
Cinnamon Stephens, Art Law Firm, @Artantiq 
Annina and Daniel Wildermuth, children's book author & illustrator 
Good Greek Housewife, @GreekHousewife 
Kenton and Jane, Lemon and Olives, @lemonandolives
Katina Vaselopulos, @KVaselopulos 
Effie Delimarkos, @EffieDelimarkos 
TasteGreece, speciality store, Duesseldorf, Germany 
Dourakis Winery, Crete, Greece, @dourakiswinery 
Krystina Kalapothakos,Kouzounas Kitchen, @KouzounasKitche 
Mesto Artisan Olive Oil, @Mestooliveoil 
Smaragda Touloupa, YourGuideInGreece, @smarot 
Stayla Farm Honey, Evia, Greece, @stayiafarm 
Mariana Kavroulaki, History of Greek Food, @histofgreekfood 
Therese Sellers, author of Alpha is for Anthropos, @qerese 
Hellenic student association, @thegreekglutton 
Greek family owners, Nostos and Mykonos Grill 
Yanni Tsapos, wine expert, Dionysis Imports 
Sia Aristidou, Greek Weddings & Traditions & Greek Wedding Shop, @SiaAristidou 
Yorgos Koropoulis, Maleas Olive Oil, @MaleasOliveOi 
Ekaterina Botziou, author, Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing, @ebotziou
Alexia Warner, Flavor Teaze, @FlavorTeaze & @AlexiaWarner1
Maddie Grigg and friends @maddiegrigg
George Mavropoulos, The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center
Tsantali Wines, @TSANTALI_wines 
GrecoTaste, shop GrecoTaste, @Grecotaste
Diana Carey and friends
Stella Pierides, author, Feeding the Doves, @stellapierides
Nine Live Greece, volunteer cat rescue in Athens, @NineLivesGreece 
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, Crete on Facebook  
Tresor Hotels, Athens, Greece
New Wines of Greece, @NewWinesofGreece
Anna Aga and Friends
Naoussa Wine, 
Southern Wine Roads  
Athens, Greece with Dimitris Pavlis Chalandri of Greek Olive Products, Athens, Greece with Grigoris Michallos Aiws and his Paradiso Restaurant 
Wines of Crete


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  1. will participate too!!!!! We are an online store; we sell Greek flavours worldwide!!! All of our products are made in the traditional Greek way with pure ingredients without preservatives!!!!! See you all at Greek Dinner Party!!!!

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