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9 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Art Installation National Gallery of Art Photo by Keri DouglasEven in this dynamic world of social media and the nature of free expression, there are a few rules and guidelines. These are the top nine that will steer you in the right direction and set each entrepreneur free to achieve their individual results.

  1. Tell the truth: No need to read any case studies of political, corporate or nonprofit public flops of denying or obfuscation of the truth to know better. Save time, energy, emergency PR consultations, just tell the truth.
  2. Be authentic: Each entrepreneur has a unique  business plan and opportunity. Strike out of the masses with authenticity, in you own words, language, and expression.
  3. Verify: Echoes of Cold War stances “trust but verify” still remain relevant. Before sharing, RTing & spreading a message or story, verify as best as possible the veracity of a message and source.
  4. Credit: There is a fundamental timeless principle that the creator (writer, artist, photographer, musician, etc.) is credited. Freely, happily give credit to the source, original creator.
  5. Link: Be generous, share knowledge, add links for readers to learn more.
  6. Correct don’t delete: Issue a correction instead of delete. Carving in stone is rather permanent, so is social media. Instead of mistakenly thinking deleting is removing a mistake whether a typo or content – issue a correction. Offering an”oops” or “correction” is human and real.
  7. Be transparent:  Wise to be transparent with money and team. Businesses or organizations often have a team crafting social media messages, let followers know – who is crafting the messages and if there is any sponsorship whether in product or money.
  8. Learn the SM language: Take time to learn #s, #TTOT, #FF, HT, ICYMI, IMO all w/ <3. Nuf said. K.
  9. Engage:  Favorite & Like is good. Retweet & share is better. Reply, ask a question, share a comment is supreme. Engage!

Stay true to the Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated , even in social media.

Just know that personal social media accounts reflect on the business and the business social media accounts reflect on the person. The wise elders may add a few cautionary words of advice for entrepreneurs building a business or a brand for both their personal and business social media channels.

  1. Don’t drink and comment on social media channels at the same time, unless this is your normal state of being and this is your brand.
  2. Unless you are sommelier, master brewer or moonshine distributor, if you have a business, searching for employment or have a decent job, avoid being photographed while under the influence, inebriated or in an otherwise compromising position in both your personal and business social media accounts.
  3. In the world of the internet and social media, words of anger, hate, racism, and vulgarness, cannot be deleted or removed. Think carefully before responding in a way that may have grave consequences for your business or you, personally. Walk away, breathe or turn off your device for before sharing. If you feel compelled to respond, be in the right frame of mind to know the potential consequences.

Social media is upending the world of business by giving equal opportunities for every entrepreneur to global access and the platform to broadcast. Do it right, engage, and succeed!

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By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy. Links only. No copy/paste to embed in email or website.

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