Poetry: Distance by Nicole Coonradt

National Gallery of Art

An artist whether with paint, clay or words, plays the essential role in life as the storyteller. The one who teaches there can be many different beginnings and endings to any story. As though, the artist is offering a most precious idea for everyone to experience and then create their own story beyond their imagination.  Such is the poet.

Poet Nicole Coonradt pushes the boundaries of connections, thoughts and in this poem – distance.


Perspective is a funny thing
In graphic arts the flattening
Of surface for what eye can see
By shrinking and foreshortening
To represent some grander views
That can reality confuse.

Much in the way cartography
Smites flat the world’s rotundity
That even from a dizzying height
Still mocks the depth of human sight.
Yet we accept this ruse because
How much a little distance does.

“Still mocks the depth of human sight.” In a way, Coondradt challenges thoughts beyond the trance of a busy life and into a larger realm of personal identity, purpose and soul.


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