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Obama Receives Nobel Peace Prize

In a remarkable move the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 has been award to President Barack Obama. In a short nine months in office, President Obama has inspired people around the world.  A new dynamic has entered the global discussion on how do we collectively handle climate change issues, the global financial crisis, the threat of nuclear weapons and the conflicts in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan.  The global dynamics of today requires leadership to listen, encourage and act.

When I was in Cairo earlier this year, it was evident that people were hopeful after President Obama’s visit with expectations that relations would improve.  If everyone arrives at the table with hope for good relations, somehow it will happen.  Read earlier post on “Are you Obama” which is also a reminder that each individual has the opportunity to follow the lead of President Obama in setting a positive example in leadership.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, DC

Read New York Times article announcing Nobel Peace Prize.

Read perspectives on the Nobel Peace Prize from Care2.

Read NYT editorial.


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