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DC – Highest Rate of HIV Infection in the USA

Now, another question:  What would you do with 500 condoms?

Well, I put out a hurricane lamp vase filled with condoms on my coffee table at home for every friend and visitor to take some home.  Okay that created a few uncertain nervous chuckles from friends.  On the other hand, the maintenance men demanded long explanations:

“No, I am not a prostitute even though I live in a historical area for prostitutes. 

Yes, I am working for an AIDS orphans project  … here see the brochure….”

I am not sure that worked but it still left me with the issue of homeless condoms. 

So, I packaged what was left and put them on a friend’s doorstep with a note:

“Please bring to Fred*.  Perhaps he can give them away at the bar.”

Let me explain, my friend is gay and his friend Fred who owns a trendy hip gay bar is gay, too. 

Being a dear friend the box was delivered and refused!  Fred said, “I don’t run that type of establishment.”  Period.  Condoms refused.

So, the journey of the condoms continued … as much in story of where they had been to who would like a complimentary condom to be used before the expiration date.

*name changed to protect the clueless



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