A Filmmaker’s Mirror in Ramallah
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A Filmmaker’s Mirror in Ramallah

A filmmaker’s mirror unravels a carefully choreographed script in a political paradigm bubble with the skill of introspection and unvarnished extropection.

Buthina Canaan Khoury, a news camerawoman and documentary filmmaker, is embarking on the first film of the first film co-production agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and Palestine to co-produce with a British film producer her first fiction film, Green Almonds, telling the story of a family returning home to Palestine. Continue reading

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Captain Abu Raed: A Film of Dreams, Friendships and Courage

“When I was a boy … I had dreams”  are Captain Abu Raed’s first words to the group of hopeful children surrounding him on the hill top in Jordan.  The dusty dry soccer area circled by Roman columns and the airport become the settings in the award winning film, Captain Abu Raed.  The older widower … Continue reading