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Unique Holiday Gifts

The holidays bring families, friends and loved ones together to celebrate and often exchange gifts for Hanukkah (November 27 to December 5, 2013), Christmas (December 25, 2013), Boxer Day (December 26, 2013) or Kwanza (December 26 to January 1, 2014) or simply appreciation of one’s clients.

9 Muses News offers these favorite gifts from readers, featured artists, innovators, explorers and businesses and special people.

For the creatives, enjoy a creative afternoon coloring a pdf offered by Annina Luck Wildermuth, children’s book author and illustrator while listening to the opera Madama Butterfly. Or, create a memory game of photographs of family, loved ones or as cave diver archeologist Peter Campbell says, use photos of artifacts.

For the gourmets, sip heavenly Cafe Kreyol coffee, no sugar or cream required. Enjoy chocolates selected by Jul Roach Buckley at Frenchman’s Corner. A special treat is Gaea’s Re-Inspire Greece’s extra virgin olive oil. Poet Katie Aliferis loves to offer Greek honey and oregano from her local Greek store.

Listen to Eric Slavin’s Serenade one of the most beautiful guitar ensembles.

Save a piece of history through the eyes of artist Moshe Rynecki, whose great-granddaughter is searching (and finding!) lost illustrations of Polish Jewish life during the interwar years.

Learn something new. Try Alpha is for Anthropos, an ancient Greek alphabet book with ancient verses of poetry by Therese Sellers and Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers. Cinnamon Stephens, an art lawyer, suggests learning Arabic through the Rosetta Stone Arabic.

Discover the beautiful VIGO, a book on the lost architecture found and preserved in photographs by Spanish photographer and author Cristian Freire Macias. Experience Greece through the stories of Marjory McGinn who shares tales of life in Greece with her husband and little Jack Russell Terrier in her book, Things Can Only Get Feta.

Or perhaps a piece of art by Paige Dansinger, who recently opened up a Gallery Paige to show her playful paintings and pottery.

Don’t have room in your apartment for a large animal, adopt a donkey at Agia Marina Donkey Rescue in Crete.

Share your love, be inspired by Wherver You Are, My Love Will Find You, a love story for anyone special in your life.

Even more special, write your own love letter and spend an afternoon at the theater or concert with each loved one in your life – old, young, best friend, partner in life, husband, wife or make a new friend. @PabloJaccrion wrote, “The best gift is unexpected, not planned. Not very expensive, personal, meaningful.” @Nafees on Twitter recommended movie tickets. Elizabeth Rynecki suggested taking the family on a hike or picnic. Another great friend of 9 Muses News, Nikos Chatziandreou reminded, stay connected with the people you love and “get to know more”. Share your love over the holidays.

Time is most precious, appreciate the gift of each moment with the ones you love. As artist, Paige Dansinger, wrote the best gift is ‘gratitude’. Enjoy and appreciate the holidays with the ones you love! 

Have more ideas and suggestions? Please share in the comment section. 

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographer, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)



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