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Swiss Post: SMS #414 for a Stamp

Swiss Post SMS message StampsInnovation happens at the exact point of understanding tradition and letting go of tradition.

Swiss Post, a trend setter for postal services, has launched a pilot-project to offer Swiss customers the opportunity to receive a ‘Stamp’ via a SMS message.

Within seconds of the SMS to #414 with the message ‘stamp’,  a franking number is received which should then written on the upper right hand corner of the envelop, the traditional spot for a stamp.

The franking code is good for the next ten days (one time use only). The letter must be dropped in a mailbox and then it is delivered first class, next day service within Switzerland.

The cost? The customer’s mobile phone bill is charged approximately CHF 1.20 ($1.21).

Currently SMS is the only way to obtain a “stamp.” However, an Android and iPhone app is in development.

Innovation drives economies, opportunities and ultimately how we advance as a society. Imagine not standing in line for stamps or fiddling with coins at a stamp machine for those rare occasions of sending a letter, postcard or even rarer, mailing a bill. Imagine the potential for this type of exchange and partnership between a postal service and a phone company for shipping packages.

As convenient as calling, texting or Facebook messaging maybe, handwritten letters still hold a little magic and still require a ‘stamp’.

Swiss Post is transforming the way information is exchanged and how people use and can use technology. Mailing letters and packages are always going to be a part of society. Now, Swiss Post through the SMS ‘stamp’ is offering customers an easier way to use the postal service and stay connected.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographers, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)


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