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“Touch Me” says ThingLink to All Facebook Users

Blue 011001 (Photo by Keri Douglas, copyright protected)

Blue 011001
(Photo by Keri Douglas, copyright protected)

ThingLink goes global today giving access to the next frontier of social media engagement to all users on Facebook. Kiss goodbye those static images with superficial messages imposed. Be curious, hover over the images, ‘touch’ them and experience the spontaneity of learning through curated links.

The next generation of web social engagement has arrived for users fulfilling the human need to experience the senses and to touch, engage and be curious. ThingLink allows content, video and audio links appear on the image platform as curated by the business or individual publisher. Imagine an individual image platform integrated with links from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Imgur, Flickr and Twitter. The possibilities for businesses and publishers are endless, awe-inspiring and golden for mobility.

For businesses, due to the available metrics, this is finally an option to engage with consumers with cultivated smart branding as well as fully recognizing and freely monetizing the value without any structural, blind spot or knowledge barriers imposed by other web structures. Speaking of imposed web barriers to this technology is At some point it may be available to small independent web publishers, just not right now.

As an example of ThingLink, explore this link for Mèdecins Sans Frontiérs on Facebook Timeline. From a media and information perspective, everything is literally mobile and one touch away. Users may watch a video of MSF services to people in war and conflict, refugees and even donate. The information is seamless, perfected and intuitive.

Imagine this engagement in the world of global health, entrepreneurship, education, advocacy, retail business and the news business engaged through Facebook.

Will be curious to see how this integration into Facebook evolves, especially as Facebook is trying to monetize its immense network of individuals, businesses and information. Perhaps ThingLink engagement may just be the necessary tool for Facebook to honestly earn value.

Take note, ThingLink will supplant the superfluous with the next generation of intelligent engagement.

By Keri Douglas, writer/photographers, Washington, D.C. (Please follow 9 Muses News copyright use policy.)


2 thoughts on ““Touch Me” says ThingLink to All Facebook Users

  1. Hi i am Dani
    I’m new to your blog and am looking forward to reading through more of it.
    I have a question about your randomizer: if you are hosted at, where did you find that widget? Was it custom-made? Can’t seem to find anything labeled as such in the widget box of the dashboard. Apologies for the tech-iness of this query.
    Good luck and wait your answer !

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