Twists and Turns of the Head Scarf – So many Questions

As in life nothing is black and white.  In the case of the head scarf worn by Muslim women – there are so many questions.  From the observer, is the head scarf to demonstrate their devoutness? Or, is it to imply they are devout?  Is the head scarf a sign of ownership by men?  Or, is wearing the head scarf pressure from other women?

Who else covers up their head for a faith?   Many older Catholic women may wear a veil on their head when go to church.  Women of any denomination cover their head when visiting the Pope at the Vatican.  In Halacha (Jewish law), women are required to cover their hair with a scarf or even a wig.  Jewish men may wear a kippah, a small skullcap.  When women from around the world marry (regardless of religious denomination including no faith), almost always wear a veil covering their head.

Today the New York Times writes about the head scarf appearing in political posters in the upcoming presidential campaign in Indonesia. Is the head scarf a clothing accessory for political and social gain? Would someone be swayed to vote for a candidate by the wearing of a religious symbol?  Or is it worn with true intentions to display religious devotion?

There are as many questions as answers.  However, which answer is the absolute and addresses the reasoning for all women who wear a headscarf – is up for debate.   Such is life.


There is a global reaction to Muslim women wearing the head scarf or even a full niqab or the burka. Is the reaction about tolerance, assimilation or asserting ones rights? On August 9, 2009, The Washington Post wrote on the reaction to French Muslim women wearing a hijab or the niqab.

The debate on the niqab and hijab continues in France. The New York Times elaborates on Sept. 1, 2009.


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