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Note from Afghanistan: “Make Sure What You are Ridiculing is Not Your Own Beard” by Rameen Javid

Rameen Javid, founder of Afghan Communicator, recently sent this note out to the Afghan community worldwide. “Make sure what you are ridiculing is not your own beard” With the recent resurgent interest in Afghanistan and complex theories being put forward by an army of self-claimed Afghan experts, whose collective wisdoms seems to lead us into … Continue reading



Afghanistan: Led by Donkeys – News from Rameen Javid in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Led by donkeys Editorial The Guardian, Friday 10 July 2009 I am shocked by The Guardian Editorial [Friday July 10, 2009] “Afghanistan: Led by donkeys”! While the saying itself is Afghan, nonetheless the Editorials does not specify where they have gotten the quote from. It is not clear whether the article points to the … Continue reading